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Center of Baroque Beauty

Northern Germany has always been a gateway of sorts with her busy ports of trade with Scandinavian countries and prominence in the Hanseatic League. Today the grand medieval homes and public buildings still stand in monument to the booming commerce of the Middle Ages.

Münster uses its character and charm to create a link between tradition and modern lifestyles. In the historical core of the city, its long heritage has remained recognizable. The heart of the city and its main eye-catcher is the St. Paulus Dom (St. Paul's Cathedral) built over some 40 years on the threshold from Romanesque to Gothic with one of the most lavishly decorated naves in Germany.

You’ll also be delighted by the Prinzipalmarkt (Principal Market). Lined by houses with pointed roofs and arched pathways, it is one of Europe’s most beautiful inner-city squares. Don’t miss the St. Lambertikirche (St. Lamberti Church) and the Rathaus (Town Hall) with the historic Friedenssaal (Hall of Peace) where the 1648 Treaty of  Westphalia brought an end to the Thirty Years’ War.That peace was reached by negotiation and compromise rather than by domination and defeat.

Also "must" attractions are the splendid Baroque buildings by Johann Conrad Schlaun, Westphalia's great Baroque master builder. His chief work is the Palace (Prince Bishop's Residence), now part of the University. The Erbdrostenhof (Erbdrosten Courtyard) and the St. Clemens-Kirche (St. Clemens' Church), reminiscent of the Italian Baroque, are further gems of his creative spirit. Together with the Dominikanerkirche (Dominican Church) they form the Barockinsel (Baroque Island) in the city center.

Münster’s museums and theaters offer lively culture, kept vibrant through actors, musicians, writers and artists who all contribute to the cultural Münster mixture.

Rüschhaus House

Kreativ Kai / Harbor

Münster Town Hall and Hall of Peace

Vischering Castle

St. Clemens' Church, Münster


Principal Market

St. Peter's Church, Münster

Mühlenhof Open-Air Museum

Map of Germany

Top Tip: Museum of Pablo Picasso Art

The “Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso” (Museum of Pablo Picasso Art) displays over 800 of his drawings, prints and lithographic works in the neoclassical Adelshof.