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The Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) is a stone bridge which was erected from 1786 to 1788. © Yvonne Megens

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Germany's most romantic city

Heidelberg is renowned for its romantic ambiance.Heidelberg is an endlessly walkable little city. Stroll the Old Town for traditional markets on the squares and cosmopolitan shopping on the bustling Hauptstrasse (Main Street).

The ruins of the Heidelberger Schloss (Heidelberg Castle) are a steep but short hike, or one stop up on the funicular railway, from the Old Town. Majestically perched high above the narrow lanes and picturesque roofs of town, the magnificent red sandstone structure crow the city. For five centuries it was the glamorous residence of the Electors Palatine. 

The city has drawn and inspired great writers and thinkers for many centuries, leading its popular walking path to become known as the Philosophenweg (Philosopher's Walk). Recognized as one of Europe’s most beautiful trails, it offers a leisurely amble to see the panorama of the city and river below that moved the likes of Goethe, Mark Twain, Carl Maria von Weber, Alan Ginsburg and many more.

Heidelberg Castle

Old Bridge, Heidelberg

Philosopher's Walk, Heidelberg

Old University and New University, Heidelberg

Church of the Holy Spirit

Students' Prison

Castle Gardens

Heidelberg Convention Center

Madonna at the Grain Market


Charles Gate, Heidelberg

University Library

St. Peter's Church


The Knight St. George, Heidelberg

Heidelberg's funicular railway

Luther Plaque

Map of Germany

Top Tip: Palatinate Museum

The Museum in the Morass Palace presents portraits of the Prince Electors, an outstanding collection of coins, and the famous collection of porcelain.

Did you know?

Our monuments leave a lasting impression!

Heidelberg Castle is the favorite among international visitors to Destination Germany. This is the result of a survey undertaken to find out Germany ’s top 100 attractions. The survey got more than 18,000 clicks, while 5,500 respondents submitted their three favorite attractions and was carried out by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) in which it sought the opinions of people who have visited the country.

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