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The Schwabentor (Swabian Gate) gate was of particular importance. © FWTM/ Schoenen

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/assetimage_2457_180w274.jpgThe Black Forest Sunshine City

In Freiburg, you encounter historic sights at every corner. The Münsterplatz (Cathedral Square) is surrounded by impressive buildings, the tallest of which is the steep-roofed Historisches Kaufhaus (Historic Merchants’ Hall) with its colorfully adorned bartizans. Sights worth visiting include the Altes und Neues Rathaus (Old and New Town Hall), the Haus zum Walfisch (House of the Whale) with its superb late Gothic portal, the Basler Hof (Basel Court) and the two medieval city gates  Martinstor (Martin Gate) and Schwabentor (Swabian Gate) still standing today.

Visitors to Freiburg will quickly note a unique city feature, the socalled Bächle – or little streams – built nearly 600 years ago as a water supply and to fight fires. If you attempt to climb the Münsterturm (Cathedral Tower), you will be rewarded at the pinnacle of your climb with a breathtaking view. And even at such lofty heights, the enchanting ambiance of this old university town is palpable. The Old Town's numerous historical monuments, museums, theaters, cozy  restaurants and quaint bars all make this city so popular among students and visitors alike.

Old and New Town Hall

Swabian Gate and Martin Gate

Museum of Modern Art

Konvikt Street

Merchant's Hall, Freiburg

Haus zum Walfisch (House of the Whale)

Colombi Palace, Freiburg

Freiburg Cathedral

Cathedral Square

The Freiburg Bächle (little streams)

Augustinian Museum

Map of Germany

Top Tip: Black Forest

Freiburg is also called Gateway to the Black Forest – the peaks, valleys and lakes, churches and monasteries of the Black Forest are all within easy reach of the city. Besides the “Titisee”, with its famous Cockoo-Clocks manufactories.