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Luther museum 'Lutherstiege' - roots of the Reformation © HHoG/Rudek

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Germany´s Renaissance city

/assetimage_813_240w180.jpgHaving developed over two millennia, this city’s distinct cityscape was shaped by all the great stylistic epochs. Great buildings, monumental fountains, lavishly laid-out streets, and ultramodern architecture attest to the city’s tradition of cosmopolitan bounty.

Many of Augburg’s unique features can be credited to the premercantile times of Roman soldiers. The city’s wall dates from the Middle Ages, but you can still find traces of the Romans’ handiwork in stretches of the original wall. They were also responsible for the city’s intricate canal system. By one count, as many as 600 bridges cross the still intact waterways, the citizens of Augsburg claim, more than in Venice or Amsterdam.

Take time to appreciate the magnificent beauty that the Renaissance imparted on Augsburg’s façade. It is even nicknamed the "German Renaissance City". Enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city’s architectural gems from the adjacent "Perlachturm" (Perlach Tower).

Augsburg Town Hall and Perlach Tower

St. Ulrich and Afra

St. Anna Church


Schaezler Palace

Cathedral, Augsburg

The Kurhaus, Augsburg

The Fugger City Palace

Synagogue and Museum of Jewish Culture, Augsburg

Lech District

Map of Germany

Top Tip: Fuggerei

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