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Christmas Market in Osnabrück © OMT / Heese

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Why is Christmas in December?

Origins of Christianity in Germany's historic cities

Trier: Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) ©Bjoern RudekDecember 25th, the day of the winter solstice, used to be a particularly important day in many cultures.
While the Middle East celebrated the birth of the Indian sun god on this day, the Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus in the Isis cult. The Romans worshiped various gods for more than 1200 years, also foreign deities such as the Egyptian goddess Isis. Romans began their celebrations in honor of the invincible sun god Saturn also on December 25th. In addition, the Germanic peoples celebrated their midwinter festival which is still known today in Scandinavia as Yule.

From the cult of the gods to Christmas

Germany's oldest episcopal church, an apostle tomb and the tunic of Christ

History becomes tradition

Christmas Heritage Journeys

Get ready to indulge in the Christmas spirit!

Germany has along history of rich Christmas traditions that live on today through its festive holiday markets. Spend some time exploring the spectacular ancient, medieval, and Renaissance cities on our itineraries, noteworthy any time of year but particularly special adorned in their holiday finery. Historic Highlights of Germany has compiled four regional Christmas journeys of the country that will allow you to experience the best of its Christmas markets, cheerful atmosphere, and unique yuletide traditions. 

Christmas Heritage Journeys ©HHoG

Feeling Christmassy? Plan your Christmas trip:

Traditional Christmas along German rivers

Charming Christmas in the Black Forest and Bavaria

Festive moments from Germany´s heart to the Baltic Sea

Peaceful Christmas Breaks

Did you know?

Santa's greeting from Erfurt, Germany

It is that time of year, and that jolly man in the red suit is busy making his last rounds, talking to children the world over, before he sets off on his sleigh December 24th...

Map of Germany

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Santa Claus is coming to town...

Get ready to enjoy the Christmas Markets!

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