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Marienberg fortress high above the Main river in Würzburg. © CTW/ Andreas Bestle

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Baroque and Rococo

Unique treasures of art and architecture

Once Martin Luther and his followers settled down a bit, the Baroque movement was able to take hold in parts in Germany. More than any other movement, the Baroque aimed toward a seamless meshing of architecture and art. The German Baroque truly flourished only in the south and in Lower Saxony-especially in Catholic Counter-Reformation areas-but these regions excelled at it, managing to make Germany's brand of over-the-top adornment worked better perhaps than in any other country.

And whereas Rococo is often used as a derogatory term for the Baroque gone awry, in Germany the Rococo actually succeeds (usually). Come judge for yourself by visiting the Historic Highlights of Germany and her Baroque and Rococo masterpieces.

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