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The Historic Highlights of Germany (HHoG) headquarters considers travel agents to be important sales partners. To help agents boost their revenue through Germany sales, HHoG assists them in a variety of ways.

Ask specific questions, get help planning itineraries or incentives, get insider tips, or order brochures. Call +49.651.979.004-60, eMail

Sales guides of all city partners and other sources of information are available through HHoG headquarters. Call +49.651.979.004-60, eMail

Our specialists will work together to create a custom-tailored travel program designed to meet your interests, needs and travel style. Through Historic Highlights of Germany - with partners Lufthansa German Airlines, Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) AVIS and the German National Tourist Board - our 14 cities make it easy for you to plan trips to Germany.  
Call +49.651.979.004-60, eMail

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