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The oldest city in Germany

A walk through the 16 BC founded Trier is an overwhelming journey through the millennia. No other place in Germany gives you a better chance to experience the time of the Romans. Additionally, you also get to discover masterpieces of Romanticism, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Trier's UNESCO World Heritage includes eight monuments. Six Roman monuments - including the famous Porta Nigra - , the "Trierer Dom" (Trier Cathedral) and the "Liebfrauenkirche" (Church of Our Lady)
form the unique ensemble.

In the 4th century "Augusta Treverorum" - as Trier was named by its founders - was reigned by Constantine the Great, the pioneer of Christianity in the Holy Roman Empire. It is due to him that until today you can visit the Konstantin Basilika (Constantine Basilica), the largest surviving single-room structure of Roman times.
However, the great emperor's residence does not only spoil you with treasures of impressive architecture.
On the Hauptmarkt (Main Market), the historical market square in the middle of the city, European cultures and cuisines meet one another. Restaurants, cafés and shops form a nice contrast to the world heritage sites.
Trier also offers you a vast program on cultural activities. One of the highlights is the "Mosel Musikfestival" (Moselle Music Festival). At other times you can enjoy numerous wine- and city festivals as well as the wonderful Christmas market. Students and visitors from a variety of countries give the city and its festivals an international flair.
Trier's location in the corner of four countries gives you many opportunities for new experiences: Luxembourg is right at Trier's doorstep, in only 45 minutes by car you are at the French border and in only a few minutes more already in Belgium.

Our advice for your rendezvous of the senses in Trier:
Spoil your eyes with a walk through the vineyards. Afterwards, try an original Roman dish and a fine wine from the Moselle!

Did you know?

What does it take to be a REAL Gladiator?

If you've ever wondered about traditional Roman Gladiators, this is your chance to see the Gladiator life close-up. Tracy Bymoen had the opportunity to meet and interview a real Gladiator recently while he taught a group of Dutch men about the sport. The training camp was a one day event. To be a real gladiator like Jan, you'll need a bit more time... like, say, 2-3 years of daily training...

Real Life Gladiator Training in Trier, Germany from Moenby MEDIA on Vimeo.

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UNESCO World Heritage Germany


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