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Trier: The Unesco World Heritage Site Porta Nigra (about 180 A.D.) © Bjoern Rudek

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Travel reviews

The Voices of travelers!

What could be more authentic and informative than a review of some traveler who has been to a city and want to share his experiences with the world! On this page you can find articles published on blogs and online readers to give an idea of what to expect and experience in our historic cities.

Laurel -

Trier, Germany – the Second Rome

Trier: Porta Nigra ©Bjoern RudekTrier, Germany is frequently referred to as the “second Rome.” This may seem like a bold statement until you realize that Trier has a whopping 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites consisting of Roman monuments and churches. Get your gladiator uniform on to visit Germany’s oldest city dating back to B.C. 16!


Michael -

Trier, Germany

Poor Trier. The city in the west of Germany was once one of the greatest in Europe. Now it’s just been relegated to a transit stop on my journey, a quick bit of sightseeing squeezed in between trains.


Debbie -

Roman Trier Germany

When visiting Europe, you expect to run into Roman ruins in Britain, France and, obviously, Rome Italy!  But you might be surprised running into Roman ruins in Germany. Yes, I said Germany. Sitting in the lovely valley created by the Moselle River is Trier, Germany’s oldest city. Founded around 16 BC, Trier has had quite a history including the Roman kind!


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