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Würzburg: Mozart Festival in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Residenz" (Residence) © Oliver Lang

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From Potsdam to Berlin and into the Havelland

Would you like to spend the morning at the "Schloss Sanssouci" (Sanssouci Palace), paying a visit to Frederick the Great or "Old Fritz" as he was known, move on to Caputh in the afternoon to see where Albert Einstein spent his summers and then finish off the day with a trip to Berlin to experience its cosmopolitan flair? Not a problem. No other city in Germany can outdo Potsdam when it comes to location: it lies at the heart of one of Europe's most beautiful cultural landscapes, right on Berlin's doorstep. It would be a shame not to take a peek over the fence into the "neighbors' gardens".

But where to start? There is just not enough space here to describe all of what Berlin has to offer. So, to keep it brief: the regional express train takes about 30 minutes to get from Potsdam to Berlin Central Station. You can gain some of the best
views of the parks and palaces from Potsdam's lakes and river. Relaxing cruises are available of different lengths and routes, from 90-minute lake tours to full-day excursions from Potsdam to Berlin and back.

If you prefer a bit of peace and quiet, take a trip to nearby Havelland (Havel Region). A bike ride along the 34-km F1 cycle path will take you past many attractions, such as the Schloss Caputh (Caputh Palace), the Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie (Museum of the Havelland Painters), which exhibits art by local masters, the bonsai garden in the village of Ferch, and Petzow's "Schinkelkirche" (Schinkel Church) and palace estate - all well worth a detour. The town Werder upon Havel is a popular destination, and not only because of its annual Baumblütenfest (Tree Blossom Festival): this historic "island" town is home to post mills and Germany's only fruit-growing museum.

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