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Exploring the city´s cultural life

Clear the stage! There is a well-balanced choice of concerts, theater events or exhibitions, readings or lectures. A must: the architecturally unique Felix Nussbaum Museum./assetimage_2031_240w163.jpg It presents the largest collection of works by the artist Felix Nussbaum (1904-44) worldwide. During the persecution by the Nazis, Nussbaum asked that his paintings not be allowed to die. Here they live on reminding the visitors of the darkest times in German history.

In the neighboring Kulturgeschichtliches Museum (Museum of Cultural History) there is a permanent exhibition on the history of Osnabrück. There are also numerous changing exhibitions, often highlighting works from the collections belonging to the museum. Not far away is the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche (Art Gallery Dominican Church). Built around 1300, this former church with its impressive atmosphere is one of the most outstanding galleries in north Germany. There is a succession of exhibitions of contemporary art.

In the southern wing of the "Dom St. Peter" (St. Peter's Cathedral) you will find the Diözesanmuseum (Diocesan Museum) with beautiful liturgical instruments, relics and precious jewels from 1200 years ago. The Museum für Industriekultur (Museum of Industrial Culture) is located on Piesberg mountain, a former mining area on the outskirts of Osnabrück. The  whole area has been developed: today you enter the coal-mine by a transparent lift; you take the historic "Feldbahn" (railway) to get to the  "Erdzeitaltertreppe" (stairs symbolizing the geological era) and when you made it to the top (269 steps) you  will enjoy a marvellous view over the city which lies in the midst of a nature park. The Museum am Schölerberg (Museum at Schölerberg Mountain) focuses on ecological aspects of regional habitats and is a center for environmental education. The Planetarium's modern multi-media technique presents the fascinating world of the universe.

/assetimage_2671_240w161.jpgIn 1989, more than 6,000 archaeological finds in the hamlet of Kalkriese near Bramsche, lying north of Osnabrück, confirmed the location. Evidence shows where, on the northern slope of the Kalkriese mountain, a Roman army was vanquished. Weapons, military equipment, everyday items, human and animal bones and more than 1,300 feet of a man-made earthen wall show signs of an ambush and a massacre. The Teutoburg Forest Battle is a well-known chapter in European history, and it is being researched and investigated further. In the award-winning "Osnabrück Varusschlacht Museum and  Park Kalkriese" (Osnabrück Varus Battle Museum and Park Kalkriese), visitors learn about how the battle in Kalkriese, in front of Osnabrück's city gates, was fought. An exhibition describes the history and research in the museum building, and there are frequent cultural events such a concerts, lectures and light-and-fireworks displays. The extensive park combines the events of that time with the events of today.

/assetimage_1216_241w186.jpgDelve into the life and works of the Osnabrück-born, world-author Erich Maria Remarque (1898- 1970). His views regarding the brutality of war can be studied at the Erich Maria Remarque Friedenszentrum (Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center). One look at the stage: The Osnabrück Theater offers drama, music and dance theater as well as performances by the children's and youth theater OSKAR. With its Art Nouveau facade it is one of Germany' s most beautiful theaters. One annual highlight is the cross-section of contemporary media art at the Europäisches Medienkunst Festival (European Media Art Festival).

Enjoy musical highlights in the Osnabrück Halle (Osnabrück Hall), the traditional location for concerts of big stars. In the Old Town with its shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants you also find the Lagerhalle (Warehouse). This former warehouse from the 19th century is a culture and communications center with 500 events each year. Whether cabaret festival, theater, cinema or concert - the events on offer are as varied as anywhere else in town. Art and culture, entertainment and leisure are well catered for.

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Felix Nussbaum Museum
Kulturgeschichtliches Museum (Museum of Cultural History)
Kunsthalle in der Dominikanerkirche (Art Gallery Dominican Church)
Europäisches Medienkunst Festival (European Media Art Festival)
Museum am Schölerberg - Natur und Umwelt/Planetarium (Museum at Schölerberg Mountain - Nature and Environment/Planetarium)
Erich Maria Remarque Friedenszentrum (Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center)
Osnabrück Theater
OsnabrückHalle (Osnabrück Hall)
Lagerhalle (Warehouse)

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Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center, Osnabrück

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