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A marvel of the late medieval times, the astronomical clock features a calendar extending to the year 2071. © Lechtape

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Enchantingly old, excitingly young

A trendy bar in medieval surroundings, the Picasso-Museum behind the facade of an old court, gems of baroque architecture next to icons of contemporary art... It is this exciting mix that makes Münster so charming: the coexistence of antique history and cosmopolitan internationality. In 2015 Münster´s historic Town Hall received the European Heritage Label for being a landmark of European history!

/assetimage_1196_360w311.jpgIn 1648 great European history was made with the Peace of Westphalian in the Friedenssaal (Hall of Peace)  of the historic "Rathaus" (Town Hall). It was here where the first university of Westphalia was founded in 1773. The university was the foundation of the city of science that is filled with life by more than 50.000 students.

On the Prinzipalmarkt(Principal Market) you will find out immediately why Münster is a member of the Historic Highlights of Germany. The gabled merchant houses form a splendid silhouette and exclusive boutiques are waiting for you underneath their archways.

Just around the corner, in the shade of the St.Paulus Dom (St. Paul's Cathedral), you can take a stroll around one of Europe's most beautiful farmer markets. Green hideaways can be found everywhere and are easy to get to by bike as Münster is Germany's "Bicycle Capital" ! Stop at the promenade, the Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden) or the Aasee (Aa Lake).

/assetimage_2994_360w240.jpgTake a break at one of these amazing spots. Everything is available - from the cozy traditional pub to the trendy in-location at the Kreativ-Kai (Creative-Quay) of the harbor. Here you can think about which of the 30 museums you might like to visit.

Our advice for your rendezvous of the senses in Münster:
Take a seat on the stairs or on the terrace at the "Aasee" (Aa Lake), order a Altbierbowle (mixture of top-fermenting beer, fruit syrup and fruit). It's served in a large snifter glass, with a cocktail forkand enjoy the view over the yachts in a maritime atmosphere.

Did you know?

Germany's Unique Sport: Bacon Board!

...SPECKBRETT: If you understand German, you'll know that this literally means "bacon board."
Play BACON BOARD? Yes. And really is the one from the kitchen.

Germans are known to be quite innovative engineers and Muensterites have proven their hunger for swift, creative engineering is truly endless.  It seems that in the small German city of Muenster, the people have taken up BACON BOARD as a sport!

Germany's Unique Sport: Bacon Board! from Moenby MEDIA on Vimeo.

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New 2019 - Foucault pendulum

Foucault pendulum Muenster ©Presseamt Muenster Michael MoellerA spectacular artwork in an unusual location – “Two Grey Double Mirrors for a Pendulum” creates a focus of sheer meditative calm. The Foucault pendulum of artist Gerhard Richter, suspended from the baroque arched ceiling of the deconsecrated Dominican Church and able to oscillate freely, is reflected in mirrors that stand six metres tall.

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