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In 2004 Münster received the LivCom Award for being one of the most livable cities in the world! © Melanie Frischmuth

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Travel reviews

The Voices of travelers!

What could be more authentic and informative than a review of some traveler who has been to a city and want to share his experiences with the world! On this page you can find articles published on blogs and online readers to give an idea of what to expect and experience in our historic cities.

Sharon -

Touring magical Münster

"Watch out for bikes!" my tour guide, Annette Stadtbaumer, cautioned as we strolled along the cobblestone streets of charming Munster. "Look up! See those cages?" As I stopped and craned my neck to gaze high up at the tower of St. Lambert's Roman Catholic Church she told me the story of the 16th-century Anabaptists — a protesting religious group.


Andrea -

Muenster Thru a Mobile Lens

The snow melted and the clouds parted just in time for my photo walk of Muenster. Wandering around the streets of this Hanseatic city I got a glimpse into German life. Locals picking up fresh supplies at the farmers’ markets, riding their bikes to run errands and stopping in the afternoon for coffee and cake. It’s such a clichéd view of Germany, I know, but it definitely fits in this case.


Jayne -

Münster: Young at heart

On the surface Münster is a very quaint historical city, perhaps more likely to attract an older clientele on account of its architecture and churches. But peer a little bit closer and you’ll notice animatedly chatting students whizzing over the cobbles on their bicycles and that, in fact, those historical buildings along Prinzipalmarkt are not quite as old as they seem.


Andrea -

Muenster by Night

Everyone keeps telling me that Germany is unseasonably cold at the moment and the -12C temperatures I experienced in Hamburg were not normal. But that’s not much consolation when you want to go out to explore and not freeze to death in the process. Even though things were only marginally warmer by the time I reached Muenster I couldn’t resist heading out into the bitterly cold night to get some photos of this very pretty city.


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