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Koblenz’s abundance of cultural monuments and historical buildings make Koblenz a charming town. © Bjoern Rudek

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Germany´s most beautiful "corner"

Koblenz’s abundance of cultural monuments and historical buildings, the cozy little lanes and river promenades make Koblenz a charming town where its guests feel right at home. Start by exploring the narrow alleys and vibrant plazas of the Altstadt (Old Town), situated in the corner of town bordered by the Mosel to the north and Rhine to the east. Stroll across the Balduinbrücke (Balduin Bridge), first built across the Moselle starting in 1342. The view back to the Old Town offers a unique view with the turrets of the Old Castle and the two pointed steeples of the Florinskirche (St. Florin's Church). 

Two rivers play a major role in the German mythos: the Rhine symbolizes strength and pride, while the Moselle is more nurturing. Just a short stroll upstream along the Rhine promenade, sculpted figures of Vater Rhein und Mutter Mosel (Father Rhine and Mother Moselle) lie caressing and affectionate on a bed of grapes. Behind them in stately counterpoint stands the sprawling neo-classical Kurfürstliches Schloss (Elector's Palace), built in the late 1700s.

Make your way to the Deutsches Eck – or German Corner – with its monument of Emperor William I on horseback, where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet. Standing at the tip of the Corner, you can watch the sparkling waters of the Moselle swirl into the powerful Rhine. Across the Rhine stands the mighty Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Ehrenbreitstein Fortress), looming 388 feet above the river and reminding visitors of Koblenz’s symbolic strength and historic significance. Take the new cable car across the Rhine and experience the unusual fortification complex.

Built on the occasion of the Deutsche Weinausstellung (German Wine Exhibition) in 1925, the Weindorf (Wine Village) complex includes a genuine vineyard and half-timbered houses from some of the most famous German wine-growing areas. Sit inside for a relaxing view out onto the river, or enjoy the romantic ambiance of sharing a glass of wine on the outdoor trellised courtyard.

The Wine Village


Stolzenfels Castle

St. Kastor Basilica, Koblenz

St. Florin´s Church, Koblenz

Gauge House


Church of Our Beloved Lady

German Corner

Elector´s Palace, Koblenz

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz

German Emperor

Balduin Bridge

Map of Germany


Koblenz Cable Car

Take the new aerial car from the German corner up to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress! At almost 850 metres in lenght, the aerial cable car is one of the largest of its kind in Europe outside the Alps. Passengers can enjoy a breathtaking bird´s eye view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Vallye and the city of Koblenz.

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