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Marienberg fortress high above the Main river in Würzburg. © CTW/ Andreas Bestle

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Travel reviews

The Voices of travelers!

What could be moreauthentic and informative than a review of some traveler who has been to a city and want to share his experiences with the world! On this page you can find articles published on blogs and online readers to give an idea of what to expect and experience in our historic cities.

Debbie -

Easy crossing in Erfurt Germany

Erfurt Old Town ©Bjoern RudekFor various reasons, cities and villages were founded along the banks of rivers. Not only did they provide a way to transport people and goods, they also supplied drinking water, irrigation and food.


Debbie -

Beer & Gossiping in medieval Erfurt

Erfurt Old Town ©Bjoern RudekWhile visiting Erfurt Germany I was struck by a few accoutrements on the medieval buildings that still adorn the streets of this Thüringen city.  Back in the day brewing rights were given to certain buildings in the city. 


Debbie -

Erfurt’s Krämerbrücke

There are many reasons to visit Erfurt and one of them is the Krämerbrücke or Merchant’s Bridge. Florence Italy may have its Ponte Vecchio but Erfurt Germany has the 120 meter long Krämerbrücke which is the only bridge in Europe that has houses along its entire length that are still inhabited!


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