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Luther museum 'Lutherstiege' - roots of the Reformation © HHoG/Rudek

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2000 years of glorious history

Augsburg is like the beat of a drum: self confident, powerful and reverberant at the same time. The city was founded more than 2000 years ago by the Romans and presents itself these days with its great past and overwhelming monuments.

/assetimage_798_361w276.jpgOne of the most unique aspects about Augsburg is the history of the Fuggers, a wealthy family of merchants and bankers. The Fuggers built a huge trade empire in Augsburg and founded the famous Fuggerei, the world's oldest social housing complex.

Furthermore, Augsburg is the home of German Renaissance and Rococo style. Discover the Rathaus (Town Hall), the Perlachturm (Perlach Tower), the Schaezlerpalais (Schaezler Palace) and the three Prachtbrunnen (Pracht Fountains) that give the city its Italian flair.

The impressive industrial architecture from the 19th century provides a nice contrast to the epochs of Renaissance and Rococo. Augsburg used to be a center of industrialization and possesses significant monuments of Europe's industrial heritage. A definite highlight is a five-storied glass palace, the famous Kammgarnspinnerei (Worsted Spinning Mill) that houses three museums of contemporary art. Only a few steps from here: the recently opened Staatliches Textil-und Industriemuseum "tim" (State Museum of Textiles and Textile Industry).

/assetimage_812_360w275.jpgFollow the traces of famous personalities: The Deutsches Mozartfestival (German Mozart Festival) remembers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his father Leopold who was born in Augsburg. It was in this city where Bert Brecht wrote his early works and where the engineer Rudolf Diesel built the first diesel engine.

Our advice for your rendezvous of the senses in Augsburg:
Discover comedy, opera and variety shows in the historic Kurhaus Theater, the "palace of light and glass". At the end of an exciting day, indulge yourself with a sweet treat and try the famous "Augsburger Datschi" (a fresh plum cake).

$1 Apartments! Inside Augsburg's Fuggerei

When Tracy Bymoen was visiting the city of Augsburg, she was astonished to learn about the magnitude of the Fugger family's wealth and generosity. While Jakob Fugger the Rich did live a grand life, building his share of personal castles, he also found it important to give back. He established the Fuggerei, a gated housing community consisting of 150 apartments, in his hometown of Augsburg.

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Martin Luther

Roots of the Reformation

Martin Luther’s ideas of ecclesiastical reforms (1517) sparked many changes and set the Reformation in motion. Historic places out of the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation can still be experienced in historical cities, like Erfurt, Augsburg, Heidelberg and Münster, etc.

The Romantic Road

From the River Main to the Alps

/assetimage_3303_202w153.jpgNo other German tourist route is as well known throughout the world as the Romantic Road. It  is undoubtedly the most attractive connection between more than two dozen South German tow, like the Historic Highlights of Germany cities of Würzburg and Augsburg, which is the city of the Fugger family and Füssen with the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

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