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Germany by Rail

Explore Germany with Deutsche Bahn

ICE high speed train ©DBBahnExperience the culture and history of our enchanting cities: The Historic Highlights of Germany. Deutsche Bahn takes you to your Historic Highlight while passing the most beautiful river valleys and fairytale castles. Fly to any major German airport and connect directly to Deutsche Bahns´s rail and service network. Not only is train travel the most comfortable option to traverse Germany – it also comes at low prices with the German Rail Pass or Sparpreis (saver fare). Travelling with Deutsche Bahn means arriving at your destination in style.

Fares and Passes

Comfort comes at low prices

ICE 4 interior ©DBBahnGerman Rail Pass
This Deutsche Bahn offer enables visitors from outside Europe to travel on all trains operated by DB for a select number of days within a four-week period. It is available in First and Second Class with reduced fares for parties of two and certain age groups. Prices start from EUR 188.

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ICE high speed train ©Deutsche Bahn DB AGSparpreis (Saver Fare)
Travel conveniently throughout Germany in Second or First class using DB’s Sparpreis. Fares start from EUR 19,90, are subject to availability and apply for a single journey. 

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German RailPass by DB Bahn

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DB Bahn Network

How to get to our cities
by train?

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Easy access

Fly in and rail on

Fly to any major airport and connect directly to Deutsche Bahn’s rail and service networks or use one of our many convenient airport railway stations. Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne Airport have direct ICE connections to all major German cities. Furthermore, access to our services can be found at the airports in major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

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Booking and contact

DB´s booking channels are always at your disposal

/assetimage_1842_160w163.jpgUse to purchase tickets online or to find one of DB’s numerous agency partners in more than 30 countries around the globe!

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