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Kulturbrauerei, Heidelberg © Bjoern Rudek

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Breweries in our cities

Drink beer where it is produced!

Hasen brewery ©HHoGHistoric Highlights of Germany is the myriad of cities where beer has been a part of life since the Middle Ages, when it was safer to drink than water. Parched? Here’s where to get a taste.
A trip to an atmospheric Beer Garden or a beer hall is a Germany must but with well over 1,300 breweries in the country, it‘s hard to know where to start. On this beer adventure, you’ll journey through Historic Highlights of Germany. Be sure to bring your appetite when you discover the local beers and traditions that make our cities such celebrated destinations.


The excellent Riegele Brewery beers can be sampled in a superb beer garden. The traditional beer and the new microbrews (IPA!) is always a reason to visit. The König von Flandern beer cellar offers its own brewed beer. Thorbräu is one of the oldest breweries in Germany founded in 1582. On top of that, the brewery in the Kälberhalle is an amazing place! Here, Hasen-Bräu is brewed with meticulous craftsmanship.


If you want to experience a comfy and authentic Thuringian brewery, you should definitely visit the Zum Goldenen Schwan. The beers from the in-house brewery are excellent and can be enjoyed in the very pleasant beer garden. The location of Waldhaus and Waldkasino microbreweries a very good. Sitting in the beer garden: just amazing!


Hausbrauerei Feierling is a great place to get a great localbrewery beer and good pub food. Very popular beer garden in summer! Martin´s Bräu brewery looks fantastic, with giant copper vats brewing beautiful beer. Ganter Brauereiausschank is on the market square, facing the cathedral. The Ganter beer is something really special!


Kulturbrauerei is a great brewpub in the delightful old town of Heidelberg. They provide beer from their own brewery! After walking along the famous Philosopher´s walk the Neuburg cloister and its brewery is a welcome stop where there is great beer. Vetter´s brewhouse provides a wide range of beers made on the premises.


The location of the Koblenzer brewery is very nice: on the banks of the Rhine, you can enjoy an excellent river view! Great local-brewery beer and the menu boasts regional and local selections. Königsbacher Biergarten is located directly next to the German Corner - the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. A great place to relax, especially on a warm and sunny day.


Eisgrub brewery has an excellent dark beer made in-house and a good selection of traditional German food. Fresh local brews to watch out for: Kuehn-Kunz-Rosen, Rheinhessen-Bräu and Eulchen beers.


Pinkus-Müller is the world‘s first brewery to brew with only organically grown barley malt and whole hop blossoms. Have you ever heard of Pumpernickel-Porter or Bockwurst-Bock? Gruthaus brewery´s craft brews can be found in local stores, pubs and restaurants.


Rampendahl Hausbrauerei is a fantastic brew pub with atmosphere. The beer is really quaffable, simple selection of „Dunkel“ or „Helles“. They also have 1L big bottles packaged very nicely to be given as gifts.


The Alte Meierei brewery is located close to Cecilienhof Palace, right at the lake. Enjoy a wonderful glass of beer in one of the most beautiful places! The brewery in the Krongut Bornstedt (Bornstedt Crown Estate) has brewed the “Bornstedt Buffalo” since 1689. Forsthaus Templin brewhouse has very tasty locally brewed beers and a great location next to the lake, placed in-between big trees.


A beer garden in a hospital? Yes, for the last 800 years! Spitalgarten at the beautiful Danube bridge, a place to be happy and enjoy tasty Spital beer made on the premises. Kneitinger is almost a must if you visit Regensburg! In a typical Bavarian surrounding they serve good beers and authentic food.


Enjoy the place of the Alter Fritz brewery on the harborside in Rostock with fine food and a special beer. The great Trotzenburg brew pub is perfect for lunch on a day trip from your cruise liner at Warnemünde.


The Blesius Garten hotel and beer garden is a place for everyone who loves beer - they brew several of their own on the premises. The beer tasting is really nice and can definitely be recommended! Petrusbräu brew pub and beer garden is a light walk away from the main square. The atmosphere is very cozy and rustic, with wooden tables and chairs.


Combined with homebrewed Beer (Hell, Dunkel and Weizen = light, dark and Wheatbeer) Brewhouse Castel´s aim is to serve you in a typical, traditional manner. Fresh local craft brew to watch out for: the new Wiesbadener Pale Ale!


What a great setting for a rest, a beer, a snack, and mixing with the locals! The Goldene Gans beer garden is a scenic riverside setting away from the old town at the base of the Old Bridge. Würzburger Hofbräu makes excellent beer, be sure to try a few different brews when there.

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Top Tip!

Do you know the Germany Beer Day, yes, the national beer day? On this day, April 23rd, there are a lot of celebrations to show off all breweries beers and also a lot of tasting done.