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Schloss Sanssouci (Sanssouci Palace) in Potsdam belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites © TMB/ Boldt

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What's Your Travel Style? Würzburg 5 Ways

I’ve said this before, but Germany is a vastly misunderstood country. Far too many people misjudge it as having limited tourist opportunities when, in fact, that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth.  

So, in an effort to prove just how attractive the country is -- to ALL styles of traveler -- I’ve decided to prepare a mini series called “1 City 5 Ways,” showcasing the multiple ways you can experience some of Historic Highlight of Germany’s magnificent cities.

Today's post focuses on Würzburg.


You may know Wuerzburg as a destination popular with river cruisers. What you may not know is that there’s a whole lot to experience in Wuerzburg beyond what can be seen in an afternoon port call.  

1) The Millennial Traveler  

We know that these travelers are all about extra perks, design and tech. And they're always on Instagram, Facebook or the latest social media site, posting about their finds. For this set of travelers, Wuerzburg's increasingly cool restaurant scene -- that has sprung up to meet the demands of the city’s growing young population --  fits the bill.

My recommendation? Nushu Panasian Cuisine. This cool, fusion restaurant offers beautifully presented Japanese and Vietnamese inspired dishes. Visiting Millennials will feel right at home in a crowd made up of energetic German (and other European) Millennials, who can be seen chatting away in between posting real-time snaps of their colorful meals.  

2) The Lux Traveler

Luxury travelers are all about the finer details and ambiance. And Wuerzburg’s old world class can be felt throughout the city.

For the classiest of stays, lux-minded travelers will truly appreciate a stay at Hotel Rebstock, one of Germany’s oldest hotels. As guests walk up to the rococo building, they’ll have the distinct sense they are stepping into a very fine establishment, indeed. Once inside, they’ll discover 70 individually and luxuriously decorated rooms and world class staff. To top it all off, guests can dine from an impressive menu at KUNO 1408, the hotel’s restaurant, that has been recently awarded a Michelin star. 

3) The Wine Connoisseur

Wine travelers hit the jackpot with a visit to Wuerzburg. The opportunities to experience wine culture – at restaurants, wine cellars or vineyards – are virtually endless, year round. And during spring and summer, the city hosts at least one wine-related festival every month.

Any time of year, I recommend a tour of one of Germany’s grandest wine cellars, the Würzburg Hofkeller, located directly below the Wuerzburg Residenz. At nearly 15 000 square feet, it stores up to 600 000 litters of wine, many in heritage casks, and the cellar has become a museum of sorts. Candles light the vaulted passageways where guests can read up on wine history as they admire the cellar's grandiosity. Post-tour wine tastings directly in the cellar are also a possibility. 

4) The History Lover

From fortresses to palaces, Wuerzburg has no shortage of history in its grandest forms.

History lovers will delight at the Marienberg Fortress overlooking the city, along the river. Then there is Wuerzburg's Old Main Bridge (Alte Mainbrücke), built between 1473–1543 and later adorned with statues, that many compare to Prague’s Charles Bridge. And Wuerzburg’s crown jewel, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Wuerzburg Residence, can easily occupy history buffs for an entire day as they drift from room to room in wonder at what UNESCO has described as the "most unusual and harmonious of all Baroque palaces.” It has been completely restored since World War II.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Wuerzburg’s picturesque surrounds are filled with dream hiking trails.

The best hike? As this is wine territory, the Stein-Wein-Pfad is a must. This signposted trail through the vineyards starts near the main rail station and takes roughly two hours round-trip. While offering gorgeous views of the area, the path leads hikers directly through local vineyards where they can stop in for some impromptu wine tastings, should they be craving some liquid grape inspiration...

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