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Würzburg: Mozart Festival in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Residenz" (Residence) © Oliver Lang

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Germany's Christmas Traditions

Germany is where the Christmas Market tradition began hundreds of years ago.
So, there's nothing quite like visiting a Christmas market in Germany. A market anywhere else is just a really good IMITATION. While nearly all of Germany's Christmas markets are spectacular, there's nothing quite like the Augsburg Christmas Market's traditional "living advent calendar" with the incredible Augsburg Angels! I put together this video as a peek at what you'll experience if you visit the Augsburg Christmas market any weekend night!

Next week, I'll post my exclusive interview with the girls who play the Augsburg Angels! You'll want to see that! (They explain the technical logistics behind how they are able to brave standing out of the City Hall's windows above the market!)

~ Tracy

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Love the Chritsmas market of Frankfurt.

2013-11-22 – Daniel Smith

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